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Optimizing Vaccine Analytics & Formulations

With in-depth content and unique case studies on adapting analytical and biological assays to suit genetic vaccine platforms and the development of unique quantitative and purification assays for infectious disease and cancer-protein profiling, this your opportunity to optimize your production processes, develop higher quality vaccines, gain a better understanding of the analytical methods of the future, and ultimately ensure cost-effectiveness for licensed mRNA, DNA and viral vector-based vaccines.

Our roundtable and panel discussions bring together multi-specialty, cross background professionals to discuss the biggest challenges faced by the industry and discover the solution together.

Roundtable and panel discussions for 2022 included:

  • Advancing the pharmaceutical science of lipid delivery systems and their translation into the clinic
  • Navigating the analytical CMC pathway
  • Analytics going viral with tools to meet the needs of viral vector analysis
  • Future direction of analytical capabilities for better vaccines

Pre-Conference Focus Day: Deep Dive into mRNA Characterization & Discovery

mRNA therapeutics represent a disruptive class of medicines with the ability to make global change. mRNA vaccines have provided relief around the world, however not without advanced analytical support. With an increasing number of mRNA vaccine candidates entering pre-clinical studies, this focus day will delve into the topics of optimizing discovery, dose, distribution, and delivery of mRNA to better inform mRNA vaccine and therapeutic design.

Compelling Case Studies

Industry thought-leaders will share the newest advancements in vaccine analytics development for mRNA, DNA and viral vector-based vaccines. We have curated a speaker faculty to bring you insights and data like never before. Key themes included:

Analytical Characterization of Adenovirus-based Vaccines

Keynotes on quantifying adenovirus particles 50 years in the making and the use of mass spectrometry to identify key viral proteins involved in maturation and infectivity, and how this technique can be used for commercial vaccines production.

Lawrence T

Lawrence Thompson

Senior Principal Scientist, Analytical R&D


Shaleem Jacob crop

Shaleem Jacob

Research Fellow, Novel Vaccine Manufacturing Characterization, Department of Biochemical Engineering


Optimizing mRNA-LNP Structure & Stability

Get to grips with the analytical characterization of mRNA impurities in LNP delivery systems and understand the root cause of mRNA instability to inform better and more robust mRNA vaccine design and development.


Meredith Packer

Scientist, Process & Analytical Development


Daan C

Daan Crommelin

Research Fellow, Novel Vaccine Manufacturing Characterization, Department of Biochemical Engineering


Enhanced DNA-Plasmid Design & Storage

Insights into advanced DNA-based technology for optimized plasmid design, identify meaningful methods for assessing plasmid recovery optimize stability during acute freezing, drying stress, and storage.

Jean B

Jean Boyer

Vice President, Analytical Sciences



Tom Anchordoquy

Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences,

University of Colorado