Analytical Insights Supporting the Development of a CoVID-19 saRNA LNP Vaccine

Time: 2:30 pm
day: Day One


• Precision NanoSystems Inc.’s (PNI) self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) offers numerous advantages over smaller mRNA payloads in SARS CoV2 LNP vaccines due to its low therapeutic dose and prolonged antigen expression in vivo; however, its size (>9000 nt) poses unique analytical challenges requiring innovation
• Assessment of saRNA quality attributes including integrity, 5’ cap structure, and potency was accomplished by adapting methodologies for capillary electrophoresis (CE), LC-MS, and in vitro expression from a model eGFP saRNA, respectively
• Further analysis of the LNP drug substance’s excipient content, sizing, and payload encapsulation have provided vital insights into the development of PNI’s SARS CoV2 LNP vaccine